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River Plate Soccer Players Are Taking Viagra To Face STIFF OPPOSITION!!

River Plate are hoping to combat the effects of playing at high altitude by giving their players a cocktail of Viagra, coffee and aspirin in order to perform in the thin air.The Buenos Aires-based club face Bolivian outfit San Jose in their Copa Libertadores clash on Thursday.San Jose play their home games at the Estadio Jesus Bermudez which is situated nearly 3,800 metres above sea level.

River Plate’s team doctor confirmed that the medication was to counter the effects of altitude sickness during the match. ‘Viagra will stimulate the circulation of oxygen in the blood and help footballers breath better,’ he explained. The players have also rented oxygen masks to avoid difficulties in order to combat the effects of the high attitude in Bolivian city of Oruro.

River Plate's Teofilo Gutierrez holds the Recopa Sudamericana trophy after his side's victory in February