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The “8th Wonder” Vanity Admits Plastic Surgery

 Vanity Wonder is a model from the mid-west that is known for her petite frame and gigantic booty. The 4’11″ model boasts measurement of 32-23-43, but she has recently admitted that her butt is not natural (shocker?!). Vanity has written a book titled “Shot Girls” and it is essentially about the underground culture of “butt shots” and the girls who get them.

Vanity Wonder before and after butt augmentation:
Vanity Wonder before plastic surgery

Butt shots are silicon injections to increase the size of the booty and are not legal to administer, since silicon injections are not safe nor FDA approved. Regardless of their safety, girls are still getting butt shots in seedy motel rooms, even though several deaths are reported every year as the result of these injections. The demand for butt shots is so high that it has created a thriving underground, illegal plastic surgery business. For years, this underground culture has catered to the transgendered community and video girls, but it is spreading like wildfire now that big butts are in fashion. Injections sound like an easy fix, when compared to having surgery to get butt implants, but it is a far more dangerous practice to injection liquid silicon (or fix-a-flat?!) into the body.

Video of Vanity Wonder talking about her book and butt injections:

Now what I’m curious about is, how many butt injections did it take to enlarge Vanity Wonder’s butt THAT much? I’m envisioning whip cream bottles full of silicon swelling her booty to the cartoonish proportions that she’s acheived, right? AND how long did it take her to get her balance back and stop toppling over backwards from the weight of that butt? Seriously, you can’t tell me that did happen at least a handful of times…

Oh, and for the record Vanity’s butt isn’t the only thing that’s fake on that girl. In addition to the butt, fake hair, fake eyelashes and heavily airbrushed pictures, she also has fake boobs.

Vanity Wonder before and after breast implants:
Vanity Wonder Boob Job

More pictures of Vanity “The 8th” Wonder: