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Design Dictionary

AMPT Creations is a young, creative and dynamic company that aspires to be innovative when it comes to providing web based solutions and visual communications. The company was born out of the need for affordable, tailor made web based solutions, visual communication and branding.

The solutions we offer not only bring long lasting value to the client, but also ensure that the client’s objectives are met. Our design and development teams consists of highly professional individuals who are specialists in their respective fields. This is why we’re able to create customized, flexible and affordable solutions for our clients.

Our objective is to provide our clients with highly innovative, custom methods to promote, and market themselves across a variety of media platforms we have at our disposal. Our goal is to also ensure that our clients have a sound visual impact that will increase their brand awareness and visibility within their chosen markets.

We have a host of dynamic products lined up, ranging from interactive online shops, portals, blogs and online magazines, catalogs, and comics. The services we offer, range from graphic designing and Corporate Identity to web design, web based marketing solutions and Multimedia. We use highly dynamic technologies that contribute to our offerings and drive our product lines and services to become more effective and meaningful to our clients’ needs.

Graphic Design
communication visual art

It difficult to establish exactly in which period the profession of graphic design, in Italian language grafica, originates. Although graphic arts were practiced in many different periods and many different areas of the world throughout the course of history, today the expression graphic design very often refers to specific communication techniques. These originated in Europe in the period around 1920 and are based on the use of purposeful combinations of images.

Important professional figures involved in mass communication set up methods and visual languages to communicate concepts through creative combinations of drawings, photographs, fonts, paintings, and other signs in montages, collages, and numerous other types of representation.

The communications that were created had various purposes among which are advertising, the construction of identities, and the realization of social campaigns.

The diffusion channels consisted mainly on paper-like tools of communication.

Industrial Design
design for mass production

The expression industrial design refers to the design of products that have been thought to be mass produced by the factories through technological industrial procedures.

The discipline of industrial design is applicable to a comprehensive range of production fields that includes both engineering and non-engineering areas. Many products of industrial design feature a combination of forms, and engineering elements.

Industrial design takes into consideration and generates trends about ideological or sociological themes. Among the most important ones are those which are linked to the concepts of usability, maneuverability, planned breaking, and planned out-of-fashion.


The beer holder contains water. You can put into the freezer.
Once it is frozen put it back into the aluminum base, and enjoy a cold beer.

Interaction design as a design discipline

One interpretation is to view interaction design as a design discipline, distinguished by its focus on the digital design materials: software, electronics and telecommunications.

As a design discipline, it is more closely affiliated with industrial design and architecture than with engineering and behavioral science. The “shaping of interactive products and services” is an instance of design work, which broadly shares the following characteristics across design disciplines.

Design work is about exploring possible futures, starting from a situation at hand.
It intends to change the situation for the better by developing and deploying some sort of product or service, i.e., the concrete outcome of the design process.
It considers instrumental and technical as well as aesthetic and ethical qualities throughout the design process.
Design work involves developing an understanding of the task – the “problem”, or the goal of the design work – in parallel with an understanding of the space of possible solutions.
Finally, it entails thinking by sketching, building models, and expressing potential ideas in other tangible forms.
This interpretation of interaction design tends to combine two main strands of intellectual traditions, one involving design disciplines such as industrial design, graphic design and architectural design gradually acknowledging the influence of digital technology and media on their own core materials and practices. The other main ancestor is the Scandinavian school of systems development with its long-standing ideological and methodological aims for user participation and co-determination.


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