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Hobo Revolution “Brother Sharp”

imgCAQSMEENNo one knows his real name, but this homeless man in Ningbo, China has been nicknamed “Brother Sharp” for his handsome looks, “bohemian chic” style, and catwalk-like swagger.  It all started when one particular online post suddenly became widely popular, sparking a “human-flesh” search for him, with Chinese internet users collaborating on a massive scale to track him down.  Hailed as “The Ultimate Gorgeous #1 Passerby Handsome Guy,” he’s even been featured in the news both in China as well as internationally.

I watched a news clip of him and his situation is actually kind of sad.  I think he needs some professional psychological help–the video shows several people trying to talk to him and ask him where he’s from, but he kind of broke down crying, clearly terrified by all the attention.  Still, I have to admit he’s

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