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Betty White Gets Some “TONGUE ACTION”!!!

Some writer at SNL just made their weird, fan-fiction erotic dreams come true by having Betty White and Bradley Cooper make out as Taylor Swiftwatched.

Saturday Night Live‘s 40th anniversary special included a very, very long “Californians” sketch (which originally debuted in 2012) filled with too many celebrities, including former cast members Fred Armisen, Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader and Laraine Newman, but no one really cared because at some point Kerry Washington, Taylor Swift, Bradley Cooper and Betty White showed up.

Taylor ate her hair, but was then totally upstaged by a full-on make out session between White and Cooper.




It probably would’ve kept going for another three hours, but David Spade and Cecily Strong had to show up and literally ask everyone to stop.


WTF: The XXX Superbowl Ad That Was Almost Aired

I dont known whether to be disgusted, salivate or just wonder “whats next?” This  just shows us what the future in media and advertising looks like. The fact that this ad might be a SPOOF really doesn’t matter the point has been made. SEX SELLS OUR FOOD TOO!! I guess having people talking is the most important part right? and shock value is the future right? Well the minority will keep it moving and wonder “whats next for our kids?”

WTF: They Actually Tried To Air This Commercial During The Super Bowl

Khanyi Mbau South African Version Of Karrine “SUPERHEAD” Steffens

Khanyisile Mbau needs no special introduction in the South African entertainment industry. She took over from the late Lindiwe Chibi as the legendary Doobsie in Muvhango and got fired after being with the show for only a few months, then she started a steamy romance with enterpeneur Mandla Mthembu. Mthembu, chairman of Martial Eagle Investments, is estimated to be worth about R2.5-billion. The Sunday Times and Sowetan featured letters from people criticising Khanyisile calling her agold digger, saying she flaunted what she has in an article about her 600 pairs of shoes and seven cars – one for every day of the week.

Six years ago Khanyi Mbau was just a name but today she’s become a big brand that’s associated with fast cars,gold-digging, baby-mama drama, reality shows, domestic violence and a wealthy hubby. Khanyisile Mbau is human like all of us. Some of us love attention and some of us don’t. Whether we love it or not and whatever we think or what the media says, she is being herself. While journalists write negative comments about her, she’s out there having the time of her life.

Even if she’s messing up her life, marriage(s) and future. Its her life. She’s got the paparazzi and celeb-watchers wrapped around those blinged-up fingers, thanks to her outspoken diva attitude. But you know what? It works for her and we love to hate her. Even though it’s been a while since she sizzled up the small screen, people are still talking about her stint in Muvhango. You could say Khanyi exploited her fame as an actress to launch her media career.

Karrine Steffans is what some like to call an attention whore *no pun intended*. But, that same attention whore, who formerly goes by the name “Superhead,” has plenty of experience in the sexual department. Her debut memoir “Diary Of A Video Vixen” reigns as a New York Times Bestseller and trumps every tell-all book created in its lane. The detailed pages of her vixen series are flooded with advice, from pleasuring your man to living a more fulfilled lifeKarrine turned her vibrant sexual appetite into a career thus leading us to what we came here for…

Is Lamar Odom A CHEAT?!!

Jennifer Richardson recently came forward and said she had an affair with the NBA player that stretched out for more than a year – and even included a threesome.

Khloe posted a photograph of herself with Lamar to Instagram around midnight Monday, but it is not clear if the pic is new. Khloe and Lamar have not been photographed together for 50 days! The last time they were seen was June 2, at Kim Kardashian’s baby shower. And the days leading up to that were filled with trouble for Khloe and Lamar, as she first kicked him into a separate bedroom and then out of the house. Now, he’s allowed back in the house and Khloe desperately is trying to hide her marital trouble from the world. But she’s facing one big problem: Richardson is speaking out, telling more and more about her affair with Lamar.

In her interview with Star magazine, Jennifer revealed that she met Lamar in several cities and had an ongoing sexual relationship with him. Khloe eventually kicked Lamar out of the house, as Radar confirmed, but has let him back in, although they often sleep in separate bedrooms.

Desperate for a baby, Khloe, 29, doesn’t want her marriage to end, even though she doesn’t trust Lamar, 33. But the bad news for Khloe and Lamar is Richardson is not fading away, in fact she’s talking more and more about their hookups! In video interviews with Star magazine, Richardson is recounting details of her sexual relationship and emotional ties to Odom. She says they told each other they loved each other and even discussed having a baby together!

What’s more, she urges Khloe to get a divorce, saying Lamar will continue to cheat.

“This isn’t the first time Khloe has heard that Lamar has been cheating,” a source said. “But she’s torn. She doesn’t trust him but she doesn’t want to believe he cheats either”

Meagan Good Responds to Backlash About Her Dress

Before Meagan Good married Pastor Devon Franklin, she was known as the industry bicycle that was ridden by everyone — male and female.

If the pastor didn’t know what he married, he was certainly reminded on Sunday when he saw the dress his wife Meagan Good wore to the 2013 BET Awards. Thanks to her plunging neckline, Meagan’s “goods” were on full display for all the world to see. Meagan was the only BET presenter who dressed like a cheap slut. Meagan’s social media followers dragged her unmercifully for being a preacher’s wife and having such poor judgment.

Rather than respond directly, Meagan retweeted a message from one of the few followers who took her side.


Kim Karadashian and Kanye West’s Named Their Baby NORTH WEST!!

Like typical narcissists, Kim Karadashian and Kanye West have named their premature baby “North” West. The infant, who was born last Saturday, left the hospital with her parents under heavy security last night. Doctors induced Kim’s labor 5 weeks early to prevent complications from preeclampsia. Kim, whose nickname is “Nori” — and Kanye West apparently have no concerns about their daughter being a walking punchline for the rest of her life. But that’s narcissists for you.

The Latest Sexy Man Ad That Has One Million Moms’ Panties in a Bunch

The Latest Sexy Man Ad That Has One Million Moms' Panties in a Bunch

Kraft’s latest campaign for their Zesty Italian Dressing features this good-looking human wearing what appears to be no clothing. The tagline reads “Silverware Optional — Let’s Get Zesty.” One Million Moms, the group that has a habit of getting bent out of shape about this stuff, has deemed it “the most disgusting ad on the inside front cover that we have ever seen Kraft produce.” It’s even worse than that last disgusting ad on the inside front cover that they won’t even name. It was just that bad.

The groups – whose goal it is to “stop the exploitation of our children” – says that it’s:

“…unnecessary for Kraft to use s*x to sell salad dressing! (An asterisk is used to ensure our emails get through to those who have signed up to receive our alerts. Otherwise, referencing specific words would cause our emails to be blocked by some Internet filters.)”

Just so you don’t think they’re being prudes for no reason at all.