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TLC Turns To Kickstarter To Fund Final Album

2013 American Music Awards - Arrivals

TLC is working on their last album ever, and they need your help.

T-Boz and Chilli are depending on the kindness and generosity of their fans to help produce their final release with a Kickstarter campaign. They want their supporters to be a bigger part of their fifth release. “This is about our fans getting involved,” Chilli explained in a statement.

“At this point we’ve got the fans who have been with us since day one” T-Boz added. “With this album on Kickstarter we can bring them all together as our collaborators. I can’t think of a better way to create our last album.”

Donations start at $5, and gives backers a chance to communicate with TLC directly, and access to a Kickstarter-exclusive track. From there, rewards get more amazing the more fans donate. Top rewards include VIP concert tickets, a spot in a fitness class with Chilli, or some of T-Boz’s costumes.

TLC’s Kickstarter campaign starts January 19.


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