Basement Jaxx has been a household name since my high school days in  1996 they made  me a believer and so the movement continues. They have recreated electronic music in South Africa when no one really understood what it was and where it was going. They have recently combined a little bit of everything in their latest album. I have since forgotten about them since high school but as young as they are and the material that they have since released I can safely say they are recreating electronic music. I can go on about how talented they are but I usually let the music speak for itself.  Please correct me if I am wrong in any way but this track is a definition of the future in dance music in my opinion.

 Never Say Never

We all love that feel good music but this track just took me back to all the underground house music which some of us have forgotten. Basement Jaxx surely brought us back to our house party days. It all comprised of good sound, friends and those cocktails we were still figuring how to make. That was the time when everybody let go of their innerhabition and released the freedom of dance. Hip Hop will soon die I hope and this is what will remain.