You Can Buy Kanye West's Exclusive New Sneaker For Only $5,000

Did you miss out on copping a pair of Kanye West’s $245 Air Yeezy II Red October sneakers today? If so, don’t worry: they’re now being hawked on eBay for around $5,000.

At 1 p.m. ET on Sunday, announced on Twitter that that the new colorway of West’s signature shoe — which have held sneaker people in rapture since May of last year — would finally go up for sale. At 1:11 p.m. ET on Sunday, announced on Twitter that they had sold out of the shoe.

So, how about the secondary market? If you have five grand lying around, you could be the proud owner of Red Octobers in size 8.5, 13 or uh… 13. Good news if you’re a size 10.5: you only have to spend $3,750! Bad news if you’re a size 12: you’re in it for $7,500.

If this makes you weep for the future of America or whatever, please take solace in knowing there are men whose entire Sunday nights have been ruined because they weren’t able to purchase a sneaker