On Flag Day, Defend the U.S. Flag By Punishing Those Who Desecrate It!

Today is Flag Day, America’s most important holiday. And while it might seem like a good idea to wear flag wings over your bikini or use a tattered Old Glory as a summer blouse, such actions are illegal. But because there’s no enforcement or punishment for hurting the American flag, freedom is constantly under assault.

You might think Flag Day is in the Constitution or something, but in fact it was made up by a young loser not so different than today’s people on Twitter. From the Flag Day Foundation comes this stirring tale of a minor day of observance somebody just made up in Wisconsin:

In Waubeka, Wisconsin, in 1885 Bernard John Cigrand a nineteen year old school teacher in a one room school placed a 10” 38 star flag in an inkwell and had his students write essays on what the flag meant to them. He called June 14th the flag’s birthday. Stony Hill School is now a historical site. From that day on Bernard J. Cigrand dedicated himself to inspire not only his students but also all Americans in the real meaning and majesty of our flag.

That even sounds like something a schoolteacher would write today!