Flatulent Cop Leads Police to 'Cannabis Factory'

A large quantity of marijuana was found inside a residence in Leicester, England, thanks to the incessant farting of a police officer who had recently started a high-protein diet.

The gassy policeman had apparently gone on the diet after taking up body building.

According to the a report in the Police Federation’s magazine quoted in the UK’s Metro, the flatulent cop had released so much noxious gas into the squad car that his fellow officers had to crack open a window to get away from the smell.

“They asked their colleague in the back what he had been eating, and after fits of giggles and denials, they realised the cannabis smell was in the air in the street outside,” the report stated.

Ssuspicious, the cops exited the vehicle and proceeded on foot towards a house down the street.

Imagine the surprise on the faces of the occupants of the house further along the road when the officers, following their noses, found a cannabis factory with a crop worth £12,000 [$18784],” the magazine continued.

The officers confiscated the pot and arrested seven individuals.