The daughter of West Coast hip-hop legend, DJ Quik is facing charges in the death of her 2-year-old son. Davieanna Marlena Blake, 21 has been charged with 1st-degree murder in the beating death of her child. According to numerous reports, Ms. Blake and her boyfriend, Darnell Alvarez were arrested last month after Phoenix police found them standing near the child’s body outside their apartment.

It has only now come to public knowledge that Ms. Blake is the daughter of one of hip-hop’s most respected producers.

According to the police report and court documents, witnesses told investigators that they heard Alvarez beating the child for wetting either himself or the bed. One witness stated that he heard the child being spanked. The child was found with bruises on his legs, face, back, buttocks and arms, according to documents. An autopsy report showed that the child suffered “lacerated liver, severe internal bleeding and multiple bruising throughout his body, inconsistent with being struck with a belt only.”

KHPO reported that Ms. Blake told the police that she and Alvarez had been arguing earlier in the day and they saw the child wet the bed. Alvarez began beating the boy with a leather belt. Blake said she didn’t stop him because she was afraid of making Alvarez angrier. Alvarez told police that he disciplined the child with a belt during the day after he soiled himself and the bathroom.

Ms. Blake said she returned home from work and discovered that her son was lethargic and had multiple bruises. Ms.Blake said her son stopped breathing while she and Alvarez were arguing over taking the child to the hospital.

“There was a mother on the phone and she was just pacing back and forth talking and the father was sitting down crying and the paramedics kept trying to resuscitate the child, ” a witness allegedly said. “They kept losing him and trying to get him back,”

Alverez and Blake are charged with suspicion of child abuse and first-degree murder