Umlilo ‘Living Dangerously

“One thing that does propel me constantly is this incessant, burning desire to make art, to express myself and tell my story because I feel it deserves equal attention as anybody else’s… I’m sick of seeing the same old clock turning. The world needs fresh stories, fresh ideas, new ideas and people who embrace that. It’s also frustrating to look at pop culture and feel like no one represents you or the kind of person you are– so the best is to become the person you want to represent you.” – Siya Ngcobo

In a wonderful convergence of dark and light, Cape Town creative Siya Ngcobo seems to possess as much of the passion and determination to deliver his art as his stage name– Umlilo, meaning flames — suggests. His brand new video premiering on Okayafrica, features Kyla Phil of The Exorsistahs on a track called “Living Dangerously”, the first single off his latest EP, Shade of Kwaai.

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