Whats Up With All These Celeb Look A likes All Of A SUDDEN??

Rumors that Nicolas Cage might be far older than 49 years old, as he claims, started back in 2011 when an old photo of a Tennessee man from the Civil War era was posted for auction on eBay.

When Cage was asked about the photo, he told David Letterman that he thought it looked like a “slowed down version” of himself, and went on to deny rumors that he’s a vampire.

Does Jay-Z have a look-alike from 1939, or are they really the same person?

The discovery of a vintage photo of a man who bears an uncanny resemblance to Jay-Z has sparked jokes that the rapper is secretly a vampire or time-traveler.

The photo, which was taken in Harlem in 1939 by Sid Grossman, was found by the Schomburg Center For Research In Black Culture at the New York Public Library last week and uploaded to Reddit.

1939 jay z look alike

The resemblance between the two men is quite remarkable, but Jay-Z isn’t the only celebrity who has an ancient doppelganger:


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