Come One Come ALL! Hooters Is Giving Out Free Meals 4 Mother’On Day 2 Moms & Kids

hooters girls

Ah, yes, getting pampered on Mother’s Day. What mom doesn’t want a heartfelt thank you for all the things she does for her family all year? Moms who want something extra special on their day can now celebrate with the whole family at Hooters.

MSNBC reports that Hooters, come for the breasts, stay for the wings Hooters, is throwing open its doors to mothers this Sunday. They get a free entree so long as it’s $10 and under, but only if they bring their children. They also have to purchase a drink to collect on the deal but it’s unclear if those drinks can be adult drinks, too.

This actually isn’t Hooters’ first Mother’s Day Celebration. Last year, Hooters offered free wings for the holiday, serving 15,000 orders of wings. This year, they’re hoping to give away 20,000 entrees. The promotion is part of Hooters’ hope of getting more female customers through the door. Many locations have lightened the dark wood decor and started offering salads.

Ma, are you heading to Hooters to celebrate?



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