I think its time someone said it MUSIC IN GENERAL IS DOOMED & WILL NEVER BE THE SAME…If  this is the future of hip hop then we might as well move our families back to the Stonehenge when there was no electricity or the internet. If our children are going to grow up watching these fools as their idols what will the difference be between them and people living in the streets..?  Well hobos as we call them are better off than we are…I am ashamed to be posting this but reality makes no friends and life pulls no punches in other words…


Danny Brown Oral Sex

Danny Brown(Hobo Rapper)

Start spending time with your kids and communicate on their level or else they will end up like this m*therfcker below

 Danny Brown Gets Head(Blowjob) On Stage


Danny Brown Gets Head On Stage: Over the weekend notoriously x-rated rapper Danny Brown apparently received oral attentions from a female fan in the front row mid-rap at a Minnesota concert, who pulled his pants down without permission. A blurry video appeared online, some questionable “firsthand” testimonials surfaced on Reddit (damn, between this and mis-identifying the Boston Marathon bomber, Reddit is like the new CNN and shit) but the entire incident only became real when Kendrick Lamar tweeted about it (and Danny replied):

A$AP Rocky & Danny Brown Talk Mollys, and Getting Head On Stage & More With Kathy Griffin on her Controversial Talk Show