It’s no question that the Black community has had to deal with plenty of homophobia, making some feel uncomfortable about coming out or showing their true selves. However, some Black men have shed the fear in order to portray gay characters either in movies or TV shows.

So let’s take a look and tip our caps to these guys.

Angels in America

Jeffrey Wright He played a gay AIDS patient on Angels In America on Broadway and reprised the role opposite Al Pacino for Showtime.


Chris Tucker He played an over-the-top flamboyant celebrity from the future. It didn’t go over too well with critics.


Andra Fuller He’s a gay character on L.A. Complex that the ladies still swoon over.


Michael K. Williams As Omar on The Wire, he was the most bada$$ gay character of all time.


Omari Hardwick He played a down low brother in For Colored Girls in what many are calling his breakout role.


The Rock He played a gay bodyguard in Be Cool. He also wanted to be a country music star. It was a bold move for a guy whose reputation is being tough to play a gay character. Kudos.

Friday After Next,

Terry Crews He played a recently-released convict obsessed with man booty. Not quite the most poignant role ever.


Wesley Snipes He played a cross-dresser in To Wong Fu, which was a brave departure from the action star he usually plays.