As Dionne Warwick, one of the most successful singers of the 20th century, declares bankruptcy, 411WebZine investigates how a star once earning $100,000 a month could be down to her last $1,000 in cash.

Dionne Warwick: dizzying downfall of a bankrupt diva

After Dionne Warwick rose to fame in the 1960s she led a glamorous life
  Her name is among the brightest in recording industry history, her songs providing the soundtrack for a generation and earning her a place as one of the most successful hit-makers of all time.

After more than five decades of music-making that won her five Grammy awards, more than 60 charted singles and global album sales totalling more than 100 million copies, Dionne Warwick might have been assumed to have earned herself a comfortable retirement.

Dionne Warwick seen in New Jersey after filing for bankruptcy

Yet her bankruptcy filing last week reveals financial tangles that belie her musical success. At the age of 72, the pop and R&B legend who once reaped seven-figure pay cheques and a glittering lifestyle is down to her last $1,000 in cash and mired in $10 million of tax debt, it claims.

The 50-page document, lodged in a New Jersey bankruptcy court, provides in humiliating detail the particulars of Warwick’s personal finances, even down to her monthly $90 bill for garbage disposal and the fact that, on March 17, she underwent a debt counselling session over the internet.