Nobody can please everybody and this statement doesn’t ring true in any place more than in Hollyweird.

Rappers, singers, actors, actresses and everybody in between are bound to rub somebody the wrong way at some point on their climb to stardom, but things usually get back to normal after a while, with some feuds even helping the careers of those involved.

But not everybody is so lucky. Let’s take a look a list of celebrities who had beef in the industry……and didn’t have much else after that.

Keri Hilson vs Beyonce/Ciara 

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After she took subliminal but blatant shots at Beyonce and Ciara on her “Turning Me On” remix, her career came to an instant hault and never started back up again. Poor thang.

Jim Jones vs Jay Z

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After Dipset was dropped from Roc-A-Fella Records, he went on wax taking shots at Jay-Z and even started beefing with fellow Dipset group member Cam’ron. His rap career never quite recovered after that.

Foxy Brown vs Lil Kim

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The Foxy Brown and Lil Kim beef  has a mile-long history and was never really resolved. However, Kim managed to stay in the limelight while Foxy pretty much fell completely off the rap radar.

Shawty Lo vs T.I

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He had a highly publicized feud with fellow ATLien T.I. and although they eventually patched things up, people stopped checking for his music. Now he’s trying to cash in on the reality tv circuit with his 10 babymamas. Cold world.

Ciara vs Rihanna

She’s been struggling to make a comeback for quite some time now, but taking shots at Rihanna on television in 2011 definitely didn’t help at all. It launched a feud with Rih Rih and pumped even more breaks on CiCi’s music career.

Ja Rule vs 50 Cent

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He had a memorable beef with 50 Cent and G-Unit that involved 50 getting attacked,among other things, and ended with Ja Rule catching a gun charge and being popped for tax evasion, both of which landed him in prison until July 2013.

Mobb Deep vs Jay Z

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These dudes have had barely any mainstream success since they clapped back at Jay-Z for taking shots at them along with fellow Queensbridge MC Nas on the infamous “Takeover” diss track.

Consequence vs Kanye West

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Once upon a time, Consequence and Kanye West were going strong as G.O.O.D music bromance buddies. Cons even dropped an album in 2007 that did decent numbers. Then he started talking greasy about ‘Ye after he split with the label and nobody has really heard any music from him, aside from a few features, since 2007.

Aubrey O’Day vs Bad Boy

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It’s no secret that longevity isn’t a perk of being a Bad Boy artist to begin with, but Aubrey O’Day sealed her fate of failure with her outspoken antics and know-it-all attitude towards her boo-thang Bad Boy bossman Diddy. All of Danity Kane eventually disbanned, but Aubrey was the first to go…..and come back on the scene taking pictures like this. SMH.