Yeezy Caught with “His Pants Down” Literally

The lifestyles of the rich and shameless. Kanye West has staged many stunts in his day. From stage crashing Taylor Swift at the VMA’s, and declaring that former President George Bush“doesn’t care about black people,” to Twitter ranting about his inevitable world domination, we thought we’d seen it all. Until now.

 Kanye was caught with his pants down as he stepped out of a limo with his new lady, Kim Kardashian. The two deny that it was a stunt, but from Kimmy’s smirk, it seems like both were well aware of the frenzy and media attention that would surely follow. In addition to showing us his bum, ‘Ye also debuted his new “Yeezi” nameplate for his women’s collection. No word on the price for this gold nameplate, but judging that his Giuseppe Zanotti heels are going for $5,883, this little accessory might break our bank.


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