There are some extremely attention starved women out there. Like Chris Rock’s Pooky, some women require a hit of the cameras on almost a daily basis to try to satiate their ravenous appetite for attention.

These women have exemplified their willingness to unveil any type of public hijinks and shenanigans, irrespective of respectability, in order to train the public’s eyes and the camera’s lights in their direction. They feed off of it as if it provides nourishment.

The following women are among the most media thirsty celebrities in the game today.

Melody Thornton

The disgraceful alumna of the Pussycat Dolls has quickly retreated into obscurity. Her answer to irrelevancy was to walk the red carpet naked under a sheer, see-through dress that showed her backside and her, uh, upper-body appendages. Well, after the shock value dissipates, we hope Melody T has a quality project at the ready … unless she plans to take it another step and do what the next woman did. 

Montana Fisbhurne

So … Chippy D, how’s that fame thing working out for you? Just last year, the daughter of acting legend Lawrence Fishburne swore that she was going to torpedo to the top of the Hollywood establishment by taking a detour to Simi Valley and getting immersed in the pornography business. After her “career” took off, it also dissolved quickly like Fourth of July fireworks. Let this be a lesson: Never make a reckless whore your idol and hero.

Kimmy Cakes

Kim Kardashian naked

Kim Whore-dashian wrote the blueprint on wholesale whoredom. She will do anything, including defrauding corporation and television networks and the public — to keep her name in lights. She has no discernible skill, is extremely promiscuous, and is as shallow as a sidewalk puddle. Her immorality is being rewarded to the tune of $40 million. Excuse me while I go prepare for the fall of Western civilization.


Ummm … that dress. It was nonsensical as it was asymmetrical. That is not the blueprint to getting back into the game, much less reclaiming the pop-rap crown she wore briefly a decade ago. The problem here is that Ashanti’s occupational classification is that of a singer, and so therefore she has to, unfortunately, sing. And I don’t know she ever did that very well.


Mrs. Ice T is extremely transparent in her thirst for attention and success outside of her husband. We don’t begrudge her for the latter, but leaking out see-through outfits into cyberspace is only going to yield limited results. You have to have something other than recreated body parts in order to have sustained success, which is why most are befuddled by Kim K.

Angela Simmons

It’s one thing to have a house on the beach, but Rev. Run’s younger daughter seems to live on the beach. And, oh yeah, the first place I would go to have a naked full-b0dy skinny dip is on the very public white sands of South Beach. Yeah, right. Well, at least this is one of the few photos where Angela Simmons is not this was staged for maximum effect.

Evelyn Lozada

She knew that her animalistic leap across the conference table was going to earn mad attention and make cyberspace chatter run amok. If Evelyn was going to fake rage, then she could have at least walked around the desk like her assistant did before smacking the ethnicity off her victim.