Rihanna’s love life has been the talk of the town for months now, with numerous reports tying her to Chris Brown and Ashton Kutcher. But the Barbadian singer has denied every claim and that may be because her eye isn’t on a guy… but rather a girl.

On April 19, Rihanna tweeted that she was on a date with her female friend, Melissa Forde. “I’m on my first date in almost 2 yearz,” she tweeted, adding that she was  spending “#datenight”  with “my lover for the night @mforde11” and even posting a picture of the herself and Forde together.

Photos of the two ladies holding hands as they left  dinner at Malibu’s Giorgio Baldi and hit up Hollywood’s famed Roxbury nightclub for a night of dancing. “Pre game after dinner, before the clurrb,” she wrote and added, “2night is gon’ be a good one, I could feel it! #1LOVE #420 #MARLEY.”

Though Rihanna’s tweets seemed pretty tame at first, by the early morning, the Barbadian singer seemed smitten by her new date. “Beautiful is great, submissive is even better. Bawse bitch who’s submissive yet the captain of the ship n HONEST…#priceless #marryME,” she tweeted at nearly 6 a.m, adding, “But she bad… So maybe she won’t…. But s—t, then again maybe she will.”

Apparently, there’s been rumors of a romance between the two for some time and the ladies even share matching tattoos that read, “never a failure, always a lesson.” And Rihanna has been the subject of bisexual rumors since 2009, when photos of her fondling a woman’s breasts surfaced. However, the touchy-feely singer shrugged off the rumor, saying she just appreciates the female form.

Well, clearly Rihanna appreciates Forde and perhaps she will be the one to give Rihanna a master lesson in love. If that is indeed the case, we say go for it, because regardless of gender, love is still love. Plus, they make a pretty hot couple.

Rihanna isn’t the only female star who’s expressed an interest in women.

Check out some other lady-loving female celebs below

Janet Jackson

Janet already proved that she was an ally for the LGBT community and even sang about sleeping with a woman on her 1997 album, Velvet Rope. And in a 2001 Vibe article, Janet discussed her intimate, yet friendly relationship with her female dancers (she later admitted that they’re so close that they kiss) and revealed that during her teen years, she was sexually attracted to a female store clerk.

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera had already had some pretty risqué sexual moments with women in her videos and performances, but in 2010, she admitted that she sometimes finds women attractive.


Bad girl pop star P!nk has admitted that she finds both men and women attractive, but has said that she refuses to label herself when it comes to her sexuality.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki may deny being bisexual, but a number of her raps on songs like “Beez In The Trap,” Lil’ Freak” and “Girls Fall Like Dominoes” all speak explicitly about her love for women and signing their boobs.

Azealia Banks

Nicki Minaj may just be playing at gay, but rap up-and-comer Azealia Banks has professed to be a proud openly bisexual rapper.

Lady Gaga Goes Gaga For a Brunette

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has readily admitted on many occasions that she’s openly bisexual and has had sexual relationships with women, though she’s said she’s only ever fallen in love with men.