In fashion and entertainment beauty is preferred, but perfection is mandatory.  In the age of airbrushing that’s truer than ever.  Although celebrities and companies have both come under fire for smoothing this, and highlighting that, it hasn’t stopped anyone from putting that photo shop to workon 2-inches-too-thick thighs or crafting a slimmer nose. It’s being done to almost every celebrity in Hollywood, but when it’s done to women of color it’s twice as obvious, and three times more eyebrow-raising.  And there’s no denying that some celebs are also more airbrushed more often than others, and we rounded them up for you!

Check out the top nine most airbrushed women of color in Hollywood right now.

Queen Latifah

Wendy Williams

Mariah Carey

Mary J. Blige

Gabrielle Union

Beyonce Knowles

Jennifer Hudson

Lil Kim

Kimora Lee Simmons

Did we miss anyone?!