Its never a boring day on Twitter. Today Pro Football Famer Deion Sanders tweeted that his soon to be ex-wife Pilar Sanders and her friend jump him in front of his kids. Seriously, this chick must had to be supper upset to fight in front of her kids knowing this will leave a mark on them since they are so young. I swear its never a boring time when you are on twitter where there is always drama. A couple of months ago Deondra Sanders went full blast on Pilar Sanders calling her a golddigger.

What could be the real reaason why Pilar and her friend jump Deon in his own? Could it had been Pilar has been reading the blog and happen to notice her soon to be ex-husband out with Tracie Edmonds? Both Deon and Tracey was seen at Streetcar Named Desire Broadway opening in New York or could it be something else major.

Also check out what Deon daughter Deiondra has to say when she log into Tweeter: