Trey Songz Suing Dave Hester for ‘Yuup’!!

Trey Songz

Fans of Trey Songz have become familiar with the “Yuuup” catchphrase he uses in his music, and the singer is trying to make sure that’s the only way they’ll hear it.

Songz, 27, has filed a lawsuit against David Hester of A&E’s reality show “Storage Wars” for his use of the phrase on the show.

David Hester

According to TMZ, both Songz and Hester claim they have the trademark to the “Yuuup” term and sell merchandise emblazoned with the word. Hester, who received a cease and desist letter from Songz last year, asked a judge to allow him to continue selling merchandise because he filed a trademark for it in 2011. Songz, however, says he trademarked the phrase back in ’09.

The singer is currently asking a judge to void Hester’s trademark and force him to pay Songz damages.


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