Despite reports that her baller boyfriend Dezmon Briscoe is cheating on her, basketball wife Royce Reed is confirming reports that she’s set to marry him. Early Wednesday, April 18, news broke that Briscoe, who plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, was cheating on the reality star with his ex-wife, Christina Nero.

Nero took to Twitter to drop the bomb on Royce directly and tweeted, “I swear I almost threw up watching bbw fake a– relationship.”

She then began to go back and forth on the social networking site with Reed and claimed to have “freaky texts” on her phone recently sent by the NFL baller. Instead of direct messaging them to Reed however, Nero blasted them online for all of her followers to see and even included the baller’s personal phone number as proof. 

Reed has since denied the validity of those texts and believes that Briscoe is 100 percent innocent.

To add to the debacle, fellow “Basketball Wives” cast member Kenya Bell jumped to Royce’s defense and broke the news of the couple’s engagement to a fan who was bashing her. “I swear people make up stuff up @RoyceLR is in love and getting married now,” she wrote.

Royce soon responded, “Thanks but I think you let the cat out of the bag.”