Vivica A Fox Denim Mag

Vivica Fox is always being pegged as a possible actress for all kinds of biopics that are rumored to be in the mix. One of the latest and of course most popular of the moment is a Whitney Houston based role, and Viv is finally speaking out on those rumors in her latest magazine feature with Denim.

While she doesn’t confirm anything with her statement of a Whitney based role, Vivica would certainly jump at the chance should she have one to be portraying one of her favorite idols in music.

“Just like everyone else, I’ve been hearing the buzz. It’s unfortunate that one of the greatest female entertainers that I’ve ever met and known personally –passed away. But, the thing is that, I’ve always wanted to do her story. I’ve been saying that for years. When someone would ask, ‘Is there is a dream role you would want to portray, and what would it be,’ I say, I would love to do the Whitney Houstonstory. I think that she’s amazing and one of the first female artists to sell over 100 million albums, International star full of grace. I would be honored.”

Just like those around her in the public eye, everyone is still honoring and remembering the life of Whitney at the moment. It’s too soon to tell who will be signing on for the part– but sources have also spoken about Willow Smith playing a “young Houston” in a potential flick.

In the mean time, check out a behind the scenes clip of Viv’s latest photo shoot.