Gloria Govan Matt Barnes Urban Ink

Gloria Govan and her man Matt Barnes have been through some pretty public ups and downs in their relationship. When Glo and Matt broke up, it came out that she had been hooking up with the homie Game. Later it came out that she had hooked up with one of Game’s associates, Avante Rose, too.

But the two have been back together for a little while now, and seem to be keeping to themselves a bit more than they had been when things were getting rough. But they’re now following in the footsteps of Ocho and Ev, as well as the latest Urban Ink cover models Tyga and Blac Chyna– and have shot with Facet Studios for an upcoming spread in the growing magazine.

Photog Suliman shared a hot and sexy photo of a glammed up Gloria in a tiny black lace number with some seriously long extensions, and Matt smiling alongside her.

The duo seems to be stepping up their couples game, and wanting to create more of a brand around themselves as a package deal– which would be a great thing as long as they can stay together and play nice instead of sneaking off and breaking up for the world to watch; only for them to re-unite and have put some things out there only for their children to possibly see one day.

Either way, the upcoming shoot looks to be a hot one.

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