Blue Ivy has hardly been on this earth for a few months, and she’s already creating a footprint in the entertainment industry. After securing her place as one of the youngest ever to land on Billboard charts for her “Glory” feature, it looks as if mom Beyoncé might be looking to expand B.I.C.’s empire before her first birthday.

She just recently revised her citrus bearing “Pulse” fragrance to include a Summer version, and now it’s rumored that Bey may be in the process of creating something that she approves of for her daughter’s preciously delicate skin and hair.

Sources tell Grazia Mag, “Beyonce” allegedly uses top organic baby products on her 2-month-old daughter and may be planning on creating her very own baby perfume. Blue already has a thick head of hair. So Bey is very particular about using only the best organic shampoos, and she often rubs walnut oil into the ends with an Elsa Peretti sterling silver brush from Tiffany.”

What do you think? It’s not far fetched for Beyoncé to be trendsetting in more ways than one– she could be one of the first celebs to expand her portfolio into the realm of baby scents. We wouldn’t doubt her. This woman is getting back to business.