He may keep up with the Kardashians, but when it came to playing for the Dallas Mavericks,Lamar Odom struggled to hold court.But now that Odom, the husbandof Khloé Kardashian, will no longer play for the Texas team after what the basketball player is calling a mutual decision, he’s not the only one feeling sentimental. “I loved Dallas and will miss it!”Kardashian, 27, Tweeted from Los Angeles.

For his part, Odom, 32, told ESPN.com that he’s “sorry that things didn’t work out better for both of us, but I wish the Mavs’ organization, my teammates and Dallas fans nothing but continued success in the defense of their championship.” Earlier, Kardashian explained the decision to her followers somewhat cryptically. ” ‘They both agreed… They both knew what was best… Now we have to figure out the rest’ love this song,” she wrote, adding, “Blessed to have had such an amazing experience. Short but very sweet.” 

It’s barely been four months since NBA’s reigning Sixth Man of the Year was traded from the Los Angeles Lakers. When the move to Dallas was first made, Kardashian said, “We are all sad.” Although Odom received a warm welcome from Coach Rick Carlisle in December, his role on the team took a turn for the worse when Odom, who has been taking care of his ailing father, was demoted to the development league team, Legends, in nearby Frisco, Texas, to strengthen his game. “We’ve got to be able to look down that bench and count on folks to be consistent,” general manager Donnie Nelson told the Associated Press. “Unfortunately with him in his state right now, he’s just not capable of doing that.” 

The REAL Reason…

Mark Cuban Lamar Odom Fight

Word on the streets is that tension between Lamar Odom and Dirk Nowitzki recently lead the pair of NBA players to a backstage brawl.

Insiders say the fight happened Saturday night, inside the Dallas Mavericks’ locker room. Sources say the incident is the reason behind Odom getting the boot. But Guess what? A reliable source told me that, “Mark Cuban kicked Lamar like a slave, telling him to get on the next f*cking plane!

Here’s the real drop:

“I’ve heard all the rumors and none of them are true. Lamar was arguing with coach Rick Carlisle in the locker room. Mark Cuban entered the locker room and saw Lamar being disrespectful to the coach. So in front of everybody, Mark walked over to Lamar, kicked him in the leg and told him to “Get on the next f*cking plane”. Lamar didn’t do shit, and his teammates just sat there and said nothing while Mark Cuban acted like a slave owner.”

Is Mark Cuban’s treatment of Lamar Odom like a slave going to be featured on the next episode of “Khole And Lamar”? I really don’t think so. Know why? Because house Negroes like Lamar Odom are terrified to expose their slave masters. Don’t believe me.. Ask Dr. Cornel West.