Gaby Ramirez For Wonder Woman

I know you guys are super bummed that the Wonder Woman television show has been canceled before it even hit the air. Don’t worry, Mexico is here for you. And Mexico is definitely doing it right.This lovely lady is none other than Gaby Ramirez. She’s a Telenovela Actress, which is basically a soap opera actress here in the United States. But with one major difference: This actress just posed for Playboy Mexico as Wonder Woman.


Gaby Ramirez WW 01Gaby Ramirez WW 02Gaby Ramirez WW 03

 Gaby Ramirez WW 04Gaby Ramirez WW 05Gaby Ramirez WW 06

Gaby Ramirez WW 07Gaby Ramirez WW 08Gaby Ramirez WW 09

Gaby Ramirez WW 10Gaby Ramirez WW 11Gaby Ramirez WW 12

Gaby Ramirez WW 13Gaby Ramirez WW 14Gaby Ramirez WW 15

Gaby Ramirez WW 16Gaby Ramirez WW 17Gaby Ramirez WW 18


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