The authentic Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR is valued at $400,000 and up.

Let’s say you’re a hardworking fellow, but you’re low on cash or your credit score doesn’t make the grade. You have a celebrity car in mind, and you’re ready to drive it, now, right now!There is an underground industry of “kit cars” that will indeed make you a perfect replica of the exotic sports car that you want. With a price range of $800-$45,000, a replica company will stretch your car and fit it with a fiberglass mold of the high priced car that you seek.Sometimes the replicas are quite good, like this Mercedes CLK GTR replica from Easer.

 The Easer GTR Replica Mercedes costs $21,000.

Other replicas are quite bad. Here are a few of them.

The authentic 130i M BMW

This is a lower-end BMW replica, it doesn’t even have the BMW logos, as some replica models do.

The replica of a replica BMW.

The authentic Zimmer Golden Spirit, is a neo classic car, and only 10-20 are manufactured each year.

 It’s a Mustang, it’s a Zimmer, it’s a Zimmerstang and it’s a mess!

 This car is a compilation of the ’57. ’58 and ’59 Corvette.

This is what happens when you covert a Neon into a Ferrari, it’s the Nerrari!

The authentic Ferrari.

This is a replica Ferrari F40.

The authentic Ferrari-F40.

The authentic DeSoto from Chrysler.

 The DeSoto replica is a disaster.

 This is just terrible, whatever it is.

Authentic Fred and Wilma Flinstones ride.

 This creative replica Flinstones car was for sale in the United Kingdom for $26,000.