Monica Replacing Sheree Whitfield??

Just days before her New Life album dropped, Monica weighed in on the possibility of joining the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast.

As previously reported Sheree Whitfield was unceremoniously let go from the cast after producers decided not to renew her contract. Since then there have been reports that various women could replace the aspiring fashion designer, including Toya Carter-Wright; or Ne-Yo’s girlfriend, Monyetta Shaw.

But what about another Atlanta resident, who’s stylish, can sing and boasts multiplatinum albums?

Bravo’s Andy Cohen sat down with Monica Brown this weekend to ask her if she’d be interested in joining the dysfunctional cast. According to Monica, producers “wouldn’t want her” to do the show. “They don’t want me there. They wouldn’t want me there. You know I can’t think of a good reason,” she said.

Cohen then added, “I’m going to think of several reasons later.”


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