Usher may be a relic in the world of Pop & B, but he’s still proving that he hang — and flex his muscles — with today’s hottest young singers.

In preparation for the release of his new album, Looking for Myself, which drops June 12, Usher has been hitting the gym to get his body in album promo shape. This week, Usher decided to show off the results of his intense workouts with a shirtless photo. In the pic, a sweat-covered Usher can be seen flexing his muscles and mean mugging for the cameras after a good workout. “Livin’ Legend!!!” boasted Usher with the photo.

Well, we must say Usher is looking quite good and hunky these days, but he’s not the only hot Hollywood hunk around town. Check out some some more sexy beefcakes and musclemen below.

Trey Songz

LL Cool J

 Joe Manganiello

Ryan Reynolds

Nick Cannon


Michael Jai White

Taylor Lautner


Mehcad Brooks