Let’s face it, we all love it when celeb judges on talent shows have a bit of a fight, and so this weekend’s The Voice sounds like a stormer!
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Will.i.am has teased the show by saying that he and Jessie J had a confrontation over one contestant who will appear on it this week.
Jessie and will both wanted her for their team, he told The Mirror, and his backstage crew told him he needed to not be so aggressive after their encounter:

“There was one point where my team came in and expressed concerns on the banter between the coaches. I am the most unconfrontational man in the world – it is not my style – but that was the first time they have ever seen that side of me and they were like, ‘will, what are you doing?’

“They pulled me back in the dressing room and told me that I should not be doing that. They said it certainly didn’t look like banter…”The banter was real and it was like hungry people fighting over a steak. The fangs were drawn.”

Oo-er, sounds like compulsive viewing… Fight! Fight! Fight!