Crispy Chicken…Fresh Lettuce …

We all love Mary J Blige but how in the world did she go from an icon to a punchline in 24 seconds? At least, she’s 2 milli richer.

Burger King had folks riled up early this week when they released a commercial featuring Mary singing a jingle containing the recipe of their new chicken wraps. After receiving a ton of backlash, Burger King removed the commercial from the web, claiming it was an unfinished version, however, there has been tons of hilarious spoofs and remixes that have circulated the net poking fun at the infamous commercial since then.

Recently, Hot 97′s Morning Show developed a ‘Chicken Idol’ Crispy Chicken Battle and invited VH1′s Love and Hip Hop star Yandy Smith on to compete. Yandy did that while giving off her best Mary J impression.


The XD Experience mix