The Louis Vuitton Catsuit. First things first, kudos that this pretty sister obviously works out and keeps a tidy home. Clearly the outfit was inspired by the famous Louis Vuitton skin suit.

The golden rule about a replica anything is that is should at least pass for the real thing upon  first look.   Let us warn you, these items on this list certainly do not look authentic in any way, shape or form. Here, then, are the worst designer knockoffs ever.

 The Louis Vuitton Condom. For $68, per condom, you can show your classy one-night-stand that you’re the big man with the big wallet to boot.

The Louis Vuitton place mat. What’s this? No napkins? Haute Heathens!

 The Louis Vuitton birthday cake is beautiful actually. Can we eat the purse?

 The “diamond-encrusted” gold Louis Vuitton cellphone.

And, of course, the Gucci gold and “diamond-encrusted” iG600 phone.

 These Gucci orthopedic kicks should come in handy when you’re running from the fashion police.

 The Gucci face tattoo.