Lauryn Hill Performs in Cape Town South Africa

Lauryn Hill disappointed fans once again, this time at a Capetown, South Africa, concert. The singer, who’s been criticized recently for a series of less than stellar shows, was filling in for Jill Scott at the Cape Town Jazz Festival when fans began walking out on her set. According to Capital FM of Capetown, Hill didn’t perform her tracks in their original form and instead revamped them until they were almost unrecognizable. Capital FM also reports that the singer complained of sounds problems and left during her set to speak to someone backstage. By the time she performed her third song, a number of fans had already left.

Watch Below:

Also, take a look at Lauryn Hill perform at Zulu’s Sound Bar for Kanyi Mavi’s (South African local artist’s) album launch…

Watch Below:

All I can say is I hope Lauryn manages to pop out an album whilst she is touring, she is a legend vocally that needs more recognition! Stay Tuned! As we may have another unplugged 2.0 on our hands by the sounds of her vocals on stage!


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