South African filmmaker Bonginhlanhla “Mr B” Ncube is about to crack it in Hollywood.

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After showcasing his debut feature movie, 48, which was part of the Mzansi Magic movie menu at the Pan African Film Festival in the US last month, there was a lot of interest in the movie. The film is about a guy who has a terminal disease and only has 48 hours to live, unless he can raise the money to treat the illness.

There is no way that he can raise the amount of money and he knows he has to do something, anything, to raise the cash . So he decides to rob a bank.“The interest in this movie was quite huge in the US and there was a flood of invitations from other film festivals too. Producers that I met in Ghana and Nigeria also showed an interest to screen the movie in their countries,” Ncube says. “The best opportunity though was a co-production deal I sealed with a Hollywood producer, to write a script for a movie that I will co-produce with them. I am currently busy writing the script.”

The Pretoria-based filmmaker says the setting for his new movie is both semi-rural and urban South Africa because that will represent a proper picture of the country. “I do not want to show a country that is deeply rural and that does not have electricity because the truth is, South Africa is rural, with well-developed urban areas.

“I will shoot this movie in the Drakensberg mountains with its crystal-clear streams and rivers and show the beauty of the place. I am avoiding using Cape Town as a film location because that city has been used too frequently,” Ncube says.