Has the TSA gone too far with their pat down this time? We don’t know if they could go any further with this one. The latest TSA controversy comes after a video of a wheelchair bound 3-year old getting pat down like he was a terrorist or some big crime drug lord. We’re definitely shaking our heads to this one.

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Video of a wheelchair-bound toddler being patted down by a TSA agent went viral over the past few days and caused a public outcry, with many asking whether or not such techniques are appropriate for use on children.

In the video, the three-year-old’s father, Matt Dubiel, can be heard asking the trembling child, “It’s a little weird, huh? Are you nervous? Don’t be nervous. It’s okay.”

Dubiel and his wife, three children and in-laws were en route to Disney two years ago when the enhanced pat-down took place. Dubiel said he wanted to tape it to let the agent know someone was watching and documenting just in case.

After it was over, Dubiel said he felt sad and a little bit ashamed that he ‘didn’t do more’ on the scene to express the fact that what was happening was anything but ‘okay’ with him.

“I don’t think that any parent could say that this is how it should be,” he said.

The TSA issued a statement in response to the outpouring of outrage over the video, saying, “TSA has reviewed the video and determined the screening shown occurred almost two years ago, prior to TSA’s modification of security procedures for passengers 12 and under. The new screening measures have greatly reduced, though not eliminated, pat-downs of children.”

Plug your eyes to the footage below.

Plus, what do you think about these enhanced pat-downs being performed on kids? Is it crossing the line or all okay as a means of ensuring safety?

Source: Chicago Tribune