Tulisa Contostavlos is seen filming her first solo music video for the song 'We Are Young'

The fallout from Tulisa’s leaked sex tape continues.

The man accused by the X Factor judge of leaking the explicit vid – her ex-boyfriend Justin Edwards – has spoken out about his involvement.

After Tulisa identified him in her confessional YouTube video last night, the MC, also known by his recording name of Ultra has taken to Twitter to call for people to listen to both sides of the argument.

He tweeted: “To find the truth both sides of the story should be heard b4 passing judgement #thatisall”

After previously denying her involvement, Tulisa last night confirmed it was her performing a sexual act in the tape.

In a YouTube video to her fans, she told of how “heartbroken” she was the tape had been leaked.

“As you can imagine I’m devastated,” she said. “When you share an intimate moment with someone you care about, you love, you trust, you don’t think that moment will be shared with the rest of the UK.”

Tulisa struts about in small items of clothing in her first solo music video – watch it here

She’s already had one video first this week, so it’s about time we had another – it’s the music video for Tulisa’s debut solo single We Are Young.

The singer is seen having a bloody brilliant time as she cruises around Miami with her mates (that obviously includes that fame hungry PA of hers Gareth), stopping to cuddle a sheep (forgive us if it’s actually a goat) before heading off for a p-a-r-t-a-y at the penthouse suite of their hotel.

It gets a tad raunchy at times, with the 23 year old flashing plenty of cleavage as she jumps around in tiny outfits and bends over to lick an ice cream seductively during the awesome rooftop bash.

The lyrics in the track – which, we absolutely love, by the way – could be mistaken for the star’s response to this week’s sex tape scandal, with Tulisa singing: “Forgive me for what I have done. ‘Cause I’m young, yeah I’m young. I don’t mean to frighten you off, it’s just fun.”

Ice cream should never go to waste – good girl!
We Are Young video is great timing for the former N Dubz singer, who has spent the week feeling humiliated after her ex-boyfriend MC Ultra posted a sex tape of the pair online.

Tulisa has since ‘fessed up to the graphic tape, expressing how “devastated” she is and apologising for offending anyone in a YouTube clip she posed on the internet. Tulisa also named her ex and called him a liar after he denied any involvement with the sex tape, with MC Ultra – aka Justin Edwards – hitting back by tweeting there are ‘two sides of the story’.

People like to skate in Miami, you know
The sexy video was shot during Tulisa’s marathon trip to America last month, with the singer snapped on set in Miami .

When we clapped eyes on her stood by the side of the road like this, we thought she’d finally had enough of the States and was returning to the UK.

But then we realised that even though she’s famous and only wears clothes provided by a stylist, even Tulisa wouldn’t be foolish enough to wear tiny pink shorts on a plane seat for hours.

Tulisa didn’t have much trouble with hailing a cab in these short shorts…
Tulisa signs various things with ‘The Female Boss’, including this chap’s tummy
The video fades out with Tulisa slumped across the bed with her trusty PA, Gareth

We now realise, however, that they are perfect for filming a music video.

And with legs like that, the We Are Young video is sure to overtake the sex tape in terms of hits in no time. Maybe.