“Love & Hip Hop” creator Mona Scott Young is hoping to mend fences with Chrissy Lampkin.

It seemed that Chrissy was in no rush to reunite with Mona on “Love & Hip Hop: Reality Check.” In fact, Chrissy wouldn’t even agree to appear the recap show for season 2 if she had to sit down with Mona.

Mona, however, has no hard feelings for the star of her hit VH1 reality show and she’s giving Chrissy the benefit of the doubt. In her opinion, Chrissy was still just feeling the effects of a very stressful season.

“I adore Chrissy. I think she is so smart,” Mona told JustTheFab.com. “What I think she came to realize is that putting yourself out there that way on national television and having to experience all the things that she experienced—with the cameras rolling—it wasn’t an easy thing.”

She added, “Right now what I’m doing is I’m kind of giving her some time. I’m hoping that in time things will calm down and she’ll feel a little bit better.”

Mona doesn’t think that she and Chrissy will remain on the outs for very long because they had built a good relationship before season 2 of “Love & Hip Hop” went into production.

“I think once some of that smoke clears she’ll have an opportunity to really reflect back on the relationship,” said the series creator. “And I trust the fact that she knows I really care about her…care about Jim.”

In fact, Mona said, “their engagement was one of the highlights of my producing the show.”

Ultimately, Mona’s pretty satisfied with how the second cycle of “Love & Hip Hop” turned out. Although she admits it was a lot more dramatic and explosive, she said the action is what kept people tuning in week after week. “It makes for great TV. It’s what the people want to see,” she reasoned.

Mona’s also got some high hopes for the planned spin-off “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” and she think she’s building a compelling cast. She wouldn’t go into too much detail about who viewers can expect to catch up with in the ATL, though.

“Not going to say just yet, only because we’re still doing [the] deal and I don’t want to tip my hand,” Mona said of cast selections. “I’m talking to some amazing people who have some incredible stories.”

The “Love & Hip Hop” creator believes that her team of producers is going to do right by the standing success of the franchise. “I think we’ve got a great show in the works,” she stated.