Usher Refuses to Give Ex $50,000: 6 Ugly Custody Battles

Usher Raymond says that there is absolutely NO WAY that he is going to give ex-wife Tameka Raymond $50,000 so she can pay for her legal battle against him, according to new documents filed in their ongoing custody case.

TMZ reports, Tameka wants Usher to write a check for $50,000 to cover her costs as the two fight for custody of their two children, Usher Terry & Naviyd Ely.

The ‘My Way’ singer doesn’t seem to be too happy about the request, saying in court documents filed earlier this month that Tameka has consistently defied court orders and filed frivolous motions, like the one trying to force him to take a drug test.

Usher claims that he has already paid $25,000 for her attorneys and has taken on the brunt of the financial responsibility associated with the case.

Usher was quoted saying, “Tameka’s actions directly harm the best interests of the minor children. Clearly, such actions should not be tolerated, much less rewarded.”


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