Even though she stays at the top of the charts, at this pointRihanna’s love life (or lack thereof) is more interesting than her music. The 24-year-old singer is a self-proclaimed bad girl who has no qualms about smoking marijuana, attacking her Twitter followers for voicing their opinions, and making some bad decisions when it comes to Chris Brown.

The Rih Rih hate all but boiled over when the Grammy winner made the decision to collaborate with Brown on not one but two songs. Seeing as how he once beat her like she owed him money, fans and critics alike were understandably shocked by the move. Yet true to form, the Bajan pop star could give a damn about what the world thinks. She may have a tough exterior, but we can spot a confused former abuse victim when we see one. So, rather than advise her on permanently removing Breezy from her life, we’re offering up an alternative. Check out 10 rappers to help Rihanna shake her addiction to Chris Brown.

Royce Da 5′ 9″

They’ve already had an exchange on Twitter, so why not take it off the ‘Net? Royce opened the door to a potential relationship by spittin’ “Hi Rihanna” during the BET Hip-Hop Awards cypher, prompting her online response.

Big Sean

Rihanna has a fondness for s*xual entendres (i.e. “suck my cockiness”), and Sean loves to boast about his big….heart. They’re close in age, and similar in ambition, this could be a perfect match.

J. Cole

Having denied allegations of a bone tape, and touring together last year, Rihanna and J. Cole are clearly on good terms. These two should just go ahead and mix business with pleasure.


Rapper Wale

Face it, when it comes to women, Wale seems like a sensitive dude. That’s not always a match for Rihanna (ask Drake), but D.C.’s finest can likely treat her “lotus flower bomb” just right.

Bow Wow

Bow could teach a class on dating leggy singers, with questionable vocal range. Since wiping himself clean of his relationship with Ciara, Rihanna should definitely give him a shot—so long as Chris Brown doesn’t find out

Young Jeezy

Nothing like a snowman to make an island girl change her icy ways. Jeezy and Rih Rih collaborated on 2009’s “Hard,” and maybe it’s time for art to start imitating life.