The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss openly revealed on the show that she wasn’t too happy with her current body and did what she could on the show to work out. The current episodes airing show a much more refined Kandi in South Africa, but that was filmed months ago. Kandi has been working her butt off (though not literally), and she shared her new body on Twitter with her followers. And although she has a much flatter stomach and smaller thighs, the girl still got some junk in her trunk—in a good way though!

So how did she lose the weight? According to Wetpaint Entertainment, this The Real Housewives of Atlanta star lost weight by working out at the gym and eating healthier foods. This Grammywinner didn’t get liposuction and didn’t even think about using unnatural products. She is a true example of how hard work can get you a nice body and still get some curves. Kandi’s friend Toya tweeted the pictures of Kandi and wrote: “Me and @kandi just wrapped up our Fitness Photoshoot with @RobertEctor … #teamfitness.” What a positive message to send.

Just because you are a reality star and probably have the money to take the easy way of surgery, Kandi sets a good example of eating right and exercising! Keep up the good work!

Look’s like the Real Housewive of Atlanta star is off the market! According to MTO Kandi Burruss is dating a man named Todd who works with the production team for the Atlanta Housewives. Todd is one of the cameramen and apparently the two hit it off earlier this year while filming the Housewives!
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