Angelina Jolie – She’s easily the most famous, luring Pitt away from Aniston big time.


 Leann Rimes She was married. Cibran was married. But they mixed it up and got married anyway.
Kat Von D Jesse James left his Oscar winning wife for this slorebag. Fancy move, buddy.
kat von d
Claire Danes She snatched Billy Crudup away from super hot Mary Louise-Parker from Weeds.
Jennifer Lopez Marc Anthony (yes, he’s an actor too) left his boo for J. Lo. See how that turned out…
Rose McGowan She stole her director, Rober Rodriguez, from his wife while they were filming a movie together. Scandalous!
rose mcgowan
E’Dena Hines Get this: she’s his step granddaughter! And they had an affair. That’s effing disgusting.
The PeePawshank Redemption starring Morgan Freeman and E'Dena Hines
Sara Leal She’s Ashton Kutcher’s hot tub ho and she used it to make her as famous as possible. Which is, not much.