Check out The Adventures of Snoop Dogg and Friends

Doggisode 1 – Amsterdam

Doggisode  2 – Part2 Still in Amsterdam 

Doggisode  3 –  Cannes with special guests: Dr. Dre, Kurupt, Warren G, Soopafly, etc.

Doggisode  4 –  Australia with  Fat Joe, Busta Rhymes, T-Pain, Kurupt, Daz, Lady of Rage

Doggisode  5 – Australia Part 2 with the Game, Bo$$lady, T-Pain, Busta Rhymes, Nelly, Fat Joe

Doggisode  6 – This episode features Mac Lucci, Warren G, Patron, Soopafly, Uncle June Bugg, Ice Cube, Dub C

To Be Continued