Rematch your favorites & Check out our complete list of commercials set that aired during the big game.

411 Webmagazine Superbowl Ads At $3.5 million per 30-second spot, companies willing to pay for Super Bowl XLVIcommercials are looking for additional ways to make use of their most expensive promotional seconds by releasing their commercials early. Check out our ever-expanding list of 2012 Super Bowl commercials below. While not everyone has released their ads early, the majority of companies have. From M&Ms’ Ms. Brown, to Acura’s “Seinfeld”, to Toyota “Reinventing” everything, to Audi killing off Team Edward with its headlight – Super Bowl commercials bring out the best (and maybe worst) of each company. Which ones will be your favorite? Take a look at the ads below and decide

1st Quarter

Hyundai – “All For One”

Audi – “Vampire Party”

Pepsi – “Kings Court”

Hyundai – “Cheetah”

M&Ms – “Ms Brown”

Best Buy – “Mobile Phone”

Coca-Cola – “Superstition”

Chevy Silverado – “2012″ – “Body Paint”


2nd Quarter

Budweiser – “LMFAO”

Doritos – “Man’s Best Friend”

Chevrolet – “Happy Grad” – “Free to Pee”

Volkswagen – “The Dog Strikes Back”

America’s Got Talent – “Howard Stern”

H&M – “David Beckham”


Coca-Cola – “Patriots Catch”

Chevrolet – “Stunts”

Teleflora – “Adriana Lima”

Skechers – “Mr. Quiggly”

Doritos – “Sling Baby” – “Confidence”

Hulu – “Hulubratory”


E*TRADE – “Fatherhood”

The Tonight Show – “Madonna”

3rd Quarter

Fiat USA – “Supermodel”

Pepsi Max – “Cheatin’ Heart”

Toyota – “It’s Reinvented”

Oikos Yogurt – “John Stamos”

Century 21 – “Smarter, Bolder, Faster”

Budweiser: “Eternal Optimism”

Acura – “Seinfeld”

GE Appliances – “Louisville, KY”

Bridgestone – “Performance Basketball”

Honda – “Matthew’s Day Off”

MetLife – “Everyone”

Hyundai – “Think Fast”

4th Quarter

Belvita – “Police Officers”

Cadillac – “Green Hell” – “Business Trip”

Century 21 – “Apolo Anton Ohno”

Chevrolet – “Spy Thriller”

Chevy Sonic – “OK Go”

Chevy Volt – “Aliens #1 – Come On”

Chevy Volt – “Aliens #2 – Who Told” – “The Cloud”

Kia – “A Dream Car”

Pizza Hut – “Contest Winner”

Samsung – “Next Big Thing”

Suzuki – “Sled”

Volkswagen – “The Bark Side”