There have been lots of talks that the cast of “Friday” was getting back together to make another film to add to the collection. Former cast members had thrown interviews out there saying that they’d absolutely come back to film another one of Ice Cube’s “Friday” series flicks.Well, it looks like the former cast as well as fans are getting what they wished for. Ice Cube and his reps have indeed confirmed that a new “Friday” movie is getting prepared to happen. And all with the original cast in tow.

After John Witherspoon basically noted that he wouldn’t miss it for the world since Ice always has so many pretty ladies around; it’s actually getting ready to happen. TMZ shares that Cube’s rep confirmed, “Absolutely yes the studio is in the process of getting the entire original cast to do another ‘Friday.’ [Ice Cube] is very excited about this and has every intention to make it happen.”

So get ready for Nia Long to get her pre-baby body back, Chris Tucker, Deebo, John Witherspoon and everyone else to hit the screen in a frenzy of hilarity.