There’s never really usually a place for beef in comedy, because it’s all in fun and games right? Well people seem to be taking things to a whole other level when it comes to Mike Epps and Kevin Hart.

The former Friday star (who will be in the upcoming Friday movie as well) spoke up in an interview recently and made light of the entire situation. The Mad Hatta Morning Show brought up the “beef”that started out on Twitter. After making a couple of jokes, Mike opened up a bit.

Mike joked, “I told him the other day, he’s the only friend I know that can do a back flip under the bed! [] You do get offended, but you’re a comedian. If you can give a joke, you better be able to take one. The [jokes] that are funny, are funny, whether I like it or not. [Kevin] was tearing me up and I was tearing him back up!”

Sounds like they’re cool with each other to us.