“Mistresses of Atlanta” Reality TV Show Currently Being Filmed

Mistresses of Atlanta

Reality TV is being taken up a notch constantly. With all of the shows that we’ve got today, the tv execs keep going lower and lower on the food chain to gather up any kind of drama they can. Now there’s a new show that’s being taped called “Mistresses of Atlanta,” and it’s got a few names you may have heard of through the video vixen grapevine.

Maliah Michel is one of the names at the top of the roster of the upcoming show, and the stripper/rap side piece is starring alongside a slew of other models/strippers/groupies. All of the impending show members seem to link back to Memphitz, who seems to be involved with his ‘Do Work Entertainment’ company.

From the looks of things, the crew is shooting at a mansion, and Twitter has been going off with cast members circulating tweets with Memphitz about the sets, makeup and “sexiest” show to come to tv.

RT @LatashaWright: On set Rebel Star & @MeMpHiTz Do Work! the last day at this Mansion! How fly is it? Theres a Zoo on the property! Amazing



Interesting enough how these ladies like to play things off like they aren’t ho’in around, but they’ll stoop as low as to debut on a show with “mistress” in the title. When will it stop?



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